STAFFORD, Texas, September 20, 2018:   Ronald Butler, MBA CEO announces another patent filing with inventors Dr. Dale Brown, PhD CTO and Dr. Ira Hill, PhD Founder and Chairman.  


  The patent application relates to:  A composition of stannous fluoride, flavorants components and oral coating agents that stabilize and deliver efficacious and pleasantly tasting ingredients, improving patient compliance.


“This is the second patent filing in the last 90 days from the Whitehill team and is targeted for the dental practitioner seeking a solution to the problem of off-putting tastes from stannous fluoride discouraging patients from continuing its use,” Ron Butler, CEO. “We have a very productive R & D team that has assigned 59 patents to WhiteHill since its founding in 1986.

Dr. Hill comments, “If an oral care solution goes unused (non-compliant) by the patient, it is of no use. The problem with most extant stannous fluoride formulations is that they taste of green persimmons, zinc and aluminum chlorides, and other salts.   The art of this patent is that its advanced hedonics eliminates the excuse of “bad tastes” that often leads to non-compliance.

Stannous fluoride is also effective for the treatment of various oral sores like aphis ulcers and yeast infections such as thrush and the terrible oral pain resulting from AIDS”

Dr. Brown adds, "Dental professionals will appreciate xylitol's helpful oral care benefits and the long-recognized benefits of stannous fluoride on healthy gums and teeth, and all these combined with the pleasant, refreshing taste of the Hydralief™ product line and see the benefits of daily patient compliance."

WhiteHill launched the patent pending Hydralief™ oral care product line in August and is planning the launch of this professional oral care line this fall.

Please visit the WhiteHill patent page at:  www.WHLifeSciences.com, or contact WhiteHill’s CEO Ron Butler at inquires@WHLifeSciences.com and www.hydralief.com

About WhiteHill Manufacturing:

Established in 1986, WhiteHill is a developer and manufacturer for major national and international consumer products companies. 

Whitehill is USA based and conducts its own research and development, patents, formulates, manufactures, and distributes from its central location under one roof in Texas.